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West Nile Virus: Virus of the Week

Tweet1Pin1EmailLinkedInShare This week on virus of the week is West Nile Virus, another single stranded RNA virus belonging to the flavivirus family! Learn more about other dengue and tick-bourne encephalitis virus! Taxonomy Etymology WNV was first isolated from a febrile patient from the West Nile district of Northern Uganda in 1937, (Smithburn et al., 1940). …

Metrology 101: or how ‘x’ is my piece of ‘y’?

Tweet3Pin9EmailLinkedInShare Written by Dr Lewis Newton Metrology The science of measurement In many scientific disciplines, not least your daily life, there is often a need for measurement. In many ways, it is the cornerstone of the scientific method – although this may be bias coming from a Metrologist! For us metrologists, we are concerned with …

Tick-bourne encephalitis virus: Virus of the Week

Tweet2PinEmailLinkedInShare Today we are introducing you in brief to Tick-bourne encephalitis virus, another flavivirus spread by ticks! Taxonomy Tick-bourne encephalitis virus (TBEV) is a positive sense single stranded RNA virus, belonging to the flavivirus family. See other flavivirus Dengue here. Etymology The name self-explanatory, a virus which is carried by ticks and causes encephalitis! The …

The Microscope: Scientific Tools of the Trade

TweetPin3EmailLinkedInShare As we delve into this new series – a scientists’ toolkit, we start with the microscope. From its history through to its applications. Its uses are endless and we will show you why! There are many different types, from light to electron, some are binocular others are not. There are digital, stereo, USB and …

Dengue Virus: Virus of the Week

Tweet3Pin1EmailLinkedInShare This week’s virus of the week is Dengue virus! This virus belongs to the Flavivirus genus and has a positive sense, single stranded RNA genome. Etymology, where does the name come from? There are several possibilities: Swahili phrase Ka-dinga pepo (cramp like seizure caused by an evil spirit), which potentially originated from the Spanish …

Misinformation vs disinformation, what’s the difference?

Tweet1Pin15EmailLinkedInShare Misinformation vs disinformation, what’s the difference? This infographic briefly defines the difference between misinformation and disinformation. Both misinformation and disinformation refers to information that is not factually correct, however, misinformation may be spread due to poor understanding of the subject, or just by mistake. Disinformation is when incorrect information is spread on purpose. Misinformation …


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