There are a lot of reports going around about aspects of COVID-19 where we have “not enough evidence to show” something yet 🤔

It’s important to remember that this means WE DON’T KNOW 🙅‍♀️ either way in this situation.

The answer might be that a treatment, for example, is wrong – or it might be proven to be right. But we can’t say for sure until we’ve gathered evidence that points in one direction or the other. 📃

As scientists, we are keen to admit when we don’t know something, because it gives us opportunity to learn! 💡

We like gathering evidence and we like knowing that the answers we give are the most accurate they can be! ✅

❗Importantly, this includes having ALL the evidence we can do before announcing things. Partial evidence being published can lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding of what’s happening and can lead us down the wrong track for progressing our field.

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