The evidence for public use of face masks is evolving. Different masks have different levels of efficacy and it is STILL of the utmost importance that surgical and N95 masks are saved for the healthcare workers who need them 👩‍⚕️ IF you decide that you are going to use a face mask, you MUST use it correctly – otherwise you are just putting yourself and others at more risk! 😷 So, how do I wear a mask correctly?

Donning and doffing your mask is a high risk portion of PPE wearing. You MUST NOT touch the front of your mask at ANY TIME!! This is the portion of the mask that is collecting droplets to protect you from the virus 😪
If your mask has a metal band, this should sit across your nose and be pressed down and moulded to shape 👃

Your mask MUST cover your nose and mouth completely, with no gaps! Even tiny gaps caused by facial hair reduce the efficacy of masks (this is why many healthcare workers have braved the shave!) 🧔

And finally, you should wash or dispose of your mask and clean your hands as frequently as possible. PPE does NOT make you invincible and does not replace social distancing or hygiene measures. It should only be used in addition to good practices already in place💧

Check out our infographics on how to wear a mask correctly:

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