Scientists are suggesting that the UK and USA are approaching, if not in, the peak of COVID-19 cases. 📊

Once this time comes, and infection and death rates go down it’s going to become very easy to argue that lockdowns and social distancing were never needed, because “see! It wasnt that bad after all!” 🚫

Remember ❗ the WHOLE REASON it “wasn’t that bad” is because we took these measures to stop the spread.
Not to mention that thousands HAVE lost their lives, and it is unfair to write those people off into history with no second thoughts.

When you see arguments about reopening economies, the impact that shutdowns will have into the future, and questions about whether it was all worth it, remember that we NEEDED to flatten the curve of cases for our communities to survive. 👬👭👫

Please, continue to follow government advice on staying at home and reducing contact with other people. When we do ease restrictions, remember to continue being mindful of your interactions and behaviours.

🧼 Second waves of infections are a high risk, and could overwhelm the medical structures we have worked so hard to protect.🏥 Stay at home, protect the NHS, and save lives.