I’m sure we’re all fed up of hearing “WASH YOUR HANDS” but it really is a quick and easy way to protect yourself and those around you. 👐

We were asked how this actually works and which stages of the handwashing process makes a difference… ❓

Soap and warm water: 💦

The number one preferred method.
Soap contains fatty substances known as amphiphiles. These clever little molecules work to lift things off your hands when you wash them. 🦠Viruses, like the soap are made of fatty molecules. When you mix soap with the virus, it breaks down the outside layer and opens it up. Essentially, “killing” it. Therefore it is no longer infectious.

Hand sanitizer:

This should only be used when you DO NOT have access to soap and clean, running water.Hand sanitizing rubs are also incredibly important for healthcare professionals to use in hospitals, and stocks are running low. 🏥

It is also important to mention, that for hand sanitizers to be effective against viruses, you need at least 60-70% alcohol content in your sanitizer.

Like the soap, this high level of alcohol breaks down the outer shell of the virus and causes it to break down.
How long do you need to wash your hands for? @who recommend singing happy birthday twice through to yourself (lasting for 20-30 seconds). ⌛
But there have been plenty of other suggestions…. What has been your favourite? Comment below ⬇️