Here is our easy guide to The Self Isolation Timeline:

We’ve had a couple of queries about self isolation and when the clock should start and stop.

🔴 If you develop symptoms, however mild, you must self isolate in your home for 7️⃣ days post onset or until you no longer have symptoms. ⁣

🔵 If you live with someone who has developed symptoms, you must also self isolate but for 1️⃣4️⃣ days from the onset of your housemates symptoms. ⁣

⭐️ 🔴 If you develop symptoms during the 14 day isolation period, the clock resets for you ⏱. You must now self isolate for 7️⃣ days from the onset of your symptoms or until you are symptom free. ⁣

The Self Isolation Timeline:

Self isolation timeline

For more information on social distancing, self isolation and ‘shielding’ post.